96 Elephants

Six Universities Across America



Over 96 elephants are killed every day, and more than 35,000 per year in Africa to supply the global ivory trade. As elephants continue to disappear, the Wildlife Conservation Society is looking to spread the message on this campaign by engaging individuals in all walks of life to put an end to ivory trade. 


CivitasNow collaborated with AroundCampus to create an experience on college campuses across the country. As students returned to school, CivitasNow and AroundCampus created an experience to educate them on the global crisis and generate advocates for the cause. Through on-site opportunities to sign the petition to cease ivory trade operations, to utilizing the Awesomatic photo booth to drive engagement, CivitasNow and AroundCampus were able to share this message with thousands of students throughout the country.

This campaign is a great example of utilizing the Awesomatic photo booth to drive engagement and create a consistent experience during multiple activations nationwide.