During my short stint at college, I studied environmental policy. It was a great time to be in the field, but truly, it was the only place at the university where I could find peers that understood corporate social responsibility as anything more than a "cute sideshow." 

One of my professors and mentors at the time was Dr. Dan Leavell. A brilliant professor who spent his time outside of school hiking in Peru and working on his vintage Mini-Cooper. When he would return from his trips, he would always be eager to show a slideshow of pictures. Dr. Leavell would stand proudly on top of a majestic mountain in every photo wearing his trademark Patagonia fleece. Let's just say it left a mark on me.

Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard and his culture has always had a fervent impact on me. This Wall Street Journal piece on him is fascinating and one that sums up his philosophy very well - "Live an examined life." He has also been my driving inspiration to surf during the work week. (Long story short; in Ohio it's tough to surf in a river. Also, I can't surf.)

Patagonia known for being ahead of the curve when it came to strategic advertising. They recently have gathered a lot of buzz around their Common Threads Initiative. The coolest part about this? It isn't a stunt. They don't want you to buy a new Patagonia fleece. They'd rather encourage you to trade or buy a used one from another enthusiast .


I'm one of those enthusiasts. As a guy who regularly wears nothing more than jeans, boots and a collared shirt to work, it's the perfect fit and holds up over time. Plus, I always seem to strike up a conversation with someone else wearing one.

As the temperature drops for outdoor night campaigns, we need to outfit ourselves with something that can handle the chilly weather. I didn't have to look far for a responsibly sourced, practically indestructible piece of outerwear. And of course, I went with the classic Snap T Button fleece.

     Me sporting the Civitas + Patagonia fleece

     Me sporting the Civitas + Patagonia fleece

CivitasNow doesn't have an in-house yoga studio (yet) or a nearby beach for employees to surf when waves get high enough. But we have the passion to get ourselves there and enough running rivers for kayaking. There is no office wardrobe, but I hope we can keep encouraging those to make the responsible choice, just like Patagonia.


Check out Patagonia's Legacy Collection:

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