Are you on Instagram? If you aren’t, I bet you’ve heard that question uttered by some insufferably hip friend or family member in the past two months. Yes, it’s the latest social network fad that has everyone glued to their phone, checking their “likes”.

At CivitasNow, we’re just as guilty as the rest of you brunch aficionados, aspiring fashionistas and members of the mason jar nation. However, we are also the only ad agency in the world (to our knowledge) that has built a successful interactive media program using Instagram as the primary platform.

TweetAndGoSeek, a branded interactive scavenger hunt campaign, harnesses the beauty and simplicity of Instagram by leaving visual clues to unlock prizes scattered around an environment. Instagram is actually used in two ways during a typical TweetAndGoSeek program: 1) The delivery method for uploading the clues through other social media platforms (Twitter) and 2) The actual artwork that appears on the TweetAndGoSeek tiles are pulled (with account owner permission) from real Instagram photos.


For example, we recently ran a TweetAndGoSeek campaign for Time Warner Cable in Kansas City for a sizeable art fair. For the artwork on the tiles, we thought it made the most sense to use Instagram photos from people around Kansas City. We reasoned that our audience would want to see recognizable cityscapes, landmarks, historic sites, etc. through the lens’ of local Instagrammers. We were able to leverage relationships with popular KC Instagram folks (through an earlier hashtag connection — more on that later) and we received over 100 photos relevant to the city to choose from for the campaign. An interesting byproduct of the relationship is the passive promotion that the artwork provider receives. Some of the more diehard TweetAndGoSeek players view the tiles as collectible items, holding an intrinsic value attached to the unique artwork featured on the tile.

So yeah, we love Instagram. Our Director of Development Jay Schmidt wrote about some of the finer points of using Instagram for brand storytelling in an Advertising Week post back in July: