Before Cedar Point officially opened this season, The Ohio State University took over the Ohio based amusement park for OSU Day. A day for alumni and students alike to enjoy the park with discounted admission and Buckeye themed programming.

 TweetandGoSeek arrived in full stride hiding prizes for all of the players following the TweetandoGoSeek handle and the hashtag, #osuday. Prizes ranged from gift packages for Cedar Point to awesome autographed helmets of some of The Ohio State University's treasured alumni athletes.

A little bit of rain didn't stop the thousands of guests at Cedar Point from participating in the game. As the rides shut down temporarily, TweetandGoSeek raged on! As the tiles were hidden all around the park, seekers of the prizes did their best to reach all that they could and beat their fellow buckeyes.

Thank you to The Ohio State University and all of our seekers! If you're brand or client is interested in bringing TweetandGoSeek to an event or city, let us know!