I'm firing off a new series on our blog with this inaugural post about some of the best ads I've seen in the past week. As many of you that know me know, I spend a lot of time online. Like a lot! I've also got a discerning eye for effective advertising. You know, the things that really have a serious impact either emotionally or intellectually or just plain humorously. I'm going to try my best to keep it to 3, but sometimes I may over extend.

Here's my weeks first pick.

1) Oral-B/ The Power of Dad (online)

This minute long commercial is like an obese Tarzan swinging from an amazingly long vine that is attached to my heart. As a father, and a serious sap, I am relating with these men as they experience some of their greatest joys as a parent. I never would have expected a tooth brush company to come so strong with an ad. It may be in the running for one of my favorites all year!


2) Leo Burnett London's Shocking Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign (experiential)

Shock and Awe in advertising is as old as the medium itself. Some of it yawn-worthy and some of it awe-inspiring. Leo Burnett took their assignment from the Department of Transport very seriously. Very. Seriously. After viewing the reactions of the people involved I can only imagine what it might have felt like to actually be there. I think it'll only be 6-ers on the porch for me from here on out. Like forever.


3) IBM/ People For Smarter Cities (Out of Home)


IBM has been pushing there new slogan "Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities" and in this cheeky Out of Home campaign they're following through. The pedestrian level ads serve not only as messaging for their brand, but as a bench, a rain shelter, and a stairway ramp. By providing utility and delivering a compelling brand message, this clever style of ad is absolutely the direction for brands of today and for the future. At least, that's the way I'd like to see it! Kudos to Ogilvy France for stacking the deck with this rad campaign.