This week is a good week for ads. Cannes Lions is happening right now and some of the industry's best work is on display. I've picked one of the selections from their list and the others are ones that have graced my experience over the past week. Let's get started.


1) Leica - M- Monochrom


The photophile in me is one of those undying jellyfish in the ocean of my life, so when a quality ad for a camera comes out me ears turn up like the leaves on a tree before the storm. This piece for Leica got my heart pumping with it's resemblance to the works of Robert Capa and W. Eugene Smith. The subtitles ad an extra layer of authenticity and nostalgia and by the end I couldn't stop the hairs on my arms from standing up if I tried. Leica smashed this ad for their newly relabeled M - Monochrom camera. I'll gladly be adding this camera to my arsenal, if not for the ad alone.


2) Apple - Our Signature

Here in the catacombs of CivitasNow we stand by a thousand year old saying, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Not to any surprise aside from consistent Blam-O to my brain unit, Apple's new 'Signature' piece blows me out of my tree.  Not once until the very end do you see any product shots and only briefly. The copy in this ad is as precise as their products. I can't say enough good things about this ad. They just did it right.


3) Luna Corona

I'm kind of a mathphile too. Ain't too good at it, but like the composition of a masterwork painting, you know it when you see it. Corona solicited the assistance of an Astronomer to create this compelling experiential piece in NYC. Specific only to last weekend it utilizes the visual aspect of the rock that controls the ocean's waves to appear as a slice of lime in the bottle. I've heard that after a couple of beers your brain functions at a higher than normal rate putting you closer to your genius level. I'd have to say whoever came up with this concept was piquing at genius levels. Perhaps with the help of a few Coronas. 


4) Heineken - Hashtag Campaign #dadjokes



As a bonus for this past week I've added Heineken's Hashtag Project #dadjokes to the list. I couldn't get over the reminiscence of the wildly popular #dadsaretheoriginalhipsters with an easy ask on behalf of the their following. Utilizing vintage stock photos is no new tactic, but aggregating some of the cheesiest jokes known to the English language for a totally relevant campaign is hands down brilliant. Another gracious bow to W+K.

And as a extra extra bonus, if you've got the time, check out this ridiculously sick video by Red Bull. Seriously this is a skill not many have and they've done it in a fashion I've never seen before either. Total props to Red Bull on this one.