It's festival season! The River South District in Columbus, Ohio is a newly redeveloped gem, an ideal place to hold one of the town's largest and most exciting weekend long events, The Columbus Arts Festival. Tweet and Go Seek was welcomed back for its 4th year at the festival, providing attendees with a fun, interactive experience.


Hundreds of prizes are hidden around Columbus in the weeks leading up to the festival, generating excitement and anticipation for the festival weekend. And once the Columbus Arts Fest kicks off, many more prizes are hidden on the grounds of the event. Event-goers follow @TweetandGoSeek on Twitter and Instagram to receive the clues and race each other to find the prize. If you were quick enough, you may have had the chance to grab two box tickets to see The Killers, nab a free hotel stay, or enjoy a number of other awesome prizes.


The "clues" are pictures (uploaded through Instagram and Twitter) and each one is a challenge in itself. Knowing the landscape and identifying notable locations are keys to honing in on the location of the prize. These photos are not only useful for the seekers, but sharable content and a pinhole view into the event. It creates an experience for the seekers and allows them to create a connection with the event, boosting both online and offline interaction.


 Tweet and Go Seek is a campaign tool with legs. CivitasNow has worked win The Kansas City Plaza Arts FairThe Ohio State Alumni at Cedar Point, and the Columbus Bicentennial in partnership with the ROY G BIV Gallery. Looking for more foot traffic driven to your booth or stand? Need higher levels of online engagement or more outlets for sponsorship at your event or for your brand? We'd love to chat about bringing Tweet and Go Seek to your audience.