This week I'm teeing off with a couple of fun campy ways of getting people's attention and one (personally) home hitting piece that caught my eye in the past week. I'm also introducing a new rating method of 1 to 5 slow claps for creativity. Each is peppered with equal parts snark and sincerity.


Dollar Shave Club - Beardvertising

If Dollar Shave Club weren't witty enough they've gone ahead and added a little more Whit. Errr, rather Whit Hiler, spearhead of Beardvertising. Together they'll be working on a campaign that includes 25 viking-esque dudes with a billboard positioned in the locks of their facial follicles.



The #futureofnature

The Nature Conservancy comes at us with a knee-buckler of a campaign out of Boston with Kemp Goldberg's "Future of Nature". In this series of street level posters a dichotomy of "Us vs. Them" (Us being humans and Them being, well the rest of the planet) is presented to viewers with images of Loggers/Forests and questioned with "What is the #futureofnature?" This subtly alarming piece leads participants to their website where they can learn that the answer isn't what they may assume. Check out the website and educate yourself. I'm giving this one a sound 4 slow claps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 2.06.57 PM.png

Cumberland Farms

So, honestly and reluctantly, I've never heard of Cumberland Farms. Not until this afternoon that is. I came across this gem of advertainment in my Facebook feed and to be honest I don't know why I clicked on it. All I saw was Hasselhoff and that's all I needed. According to the uber talented German aficionado, Norm MacDonald, Germans love David Hasselhoff. I'm not German, but I did have a cat named Hasselhoff once and Baywatch was an epic program. So, to my delight this campy ad featuring the vocal prowess and domineeringly good looks of the Hoff himself had my smiling from beginning to end. I still don't know anything about Cumberland Farms other than they have a .99 iced coffee. But know this, I will definitely be buying one of those coffees as soon as I can, just so I can feel as dreamy as the ageless Hoff looks in this great commercial. A solid 3 slow claps for this one.