It's been a little while since I last posted my favs of the week on here. To say the least, we've been a little busy. But I've taken a little time to scour the ninnernets to bring you the work that strikes a cord with me. Check 'em out and let me know if you agree (or not) in the comments!


Warby Parker (TV Spot) 

Whatever, dude. I don't even care. Call me an original hipster all day long. I prefer intellectual stimulation in any and all forms, a piping hot cup of coffee, a tasty craft beer, and an awesome story to tell. Warby Parker makes me feel like I can do all of that with their glasses on. That's why I love this TV spot they recently released. BTW, it's their 2nd TV spot… if you didn't already know. As an early adopter (like, way before you) of this rad company I fully subscribe and relate to this ad. In fact, I totally thought this was a video of my life and that they were totally spying on me! I need my own personal Snowden.

4 year old bucket list (WATERisLIFE)

In the country of Kenya children have a one in five chance of dying before age 5. Usually due to unsafe drinking water. That sucks. Mind-boggling that it's even an issue in the 21st Century. DDB and WATERisLIFE teamed up again to deliver a playful, yet powerful piece in this video about a 4 year old's bucket list. It left me with an indescribable emotion and a motivation to invest all of my money into things like this.

Heineken Departure Roulette

I'm always up for a good adventure! Seriously. Anytime. In this Heineken stunt pulled off by W+K at JFK in New York, passers-by roaming the airport were lured from their paths and asked to press a button (No whammies!) that decoded a destination unbeknownst to them. Wherever it landed is where they were going, with the prior commitment of canceling their plans. Part of me would definitely be teetering as I sat there looking at the opportunity and thinking about client work. I'd weigh it on how much I liked the client! lol! I think W+K did a great job of attributing Heineken to the idea of adventure and and spontaneity in this ad. Even if it was only for sake of saying "we did it."