One of my earliest projects that I began with when I started here at Civitas was to design hang tags for the Forager Bags— Totes made of repurposed billboard vinyl. What was initially a pretty simple assignment, it eventually turned into a full scale branding project.

This is a product I use frequently and one whose purpose I believe in, so I wanted to give it the full treatment. The logo took on many forms, initially earthy, typographic based logos but evolved into a more symbolic icon that suited the brand I wanted to create. The Icon is designed so that the line remains interconnected throughout, representing the full circle journey that the vinyl goes through by being given a new purpose and life.

early tag.jpg

The overall aesthetic for our brand is crisp and modern, using light and dark grays, sharp photography and the forager gold color which stands out against the various colors present on the billboard material. The cleanness of our brand stands out against the clutter on the material. I am excited for the Forager Bag brand to move forward with our website, more products, and other deliverables.


We're working on our site redesign so you can easily shop, purchase and learn more about our projects. In the mean time, the bags can be purchased at - or shoot me an email