Year-round, people turn to popular social media website Pinterest to bookmark favorite quotes, gain inspiration, and save wish lists for the gift giving season. Imagine walking through the mall and seeing your bookmarked holiday favorites on a larger-than-life physical Pinterest board. 

For this holiday season, we aimed to blur the line between the virtual and real worlds. 

As a promotion between Polaris Fashion Place and radio station Mix 107.9, we created a physical, interactive version of a Pinterest board, towering over the Polaris food court at 40 feet by 15 feet. The Pinterest wall is composed of a collage of different products that can be found in various stores within Polaris Fashion Place, that are a part of radio host Trish's Wishlist

The Pinterest wall will last throughout the holiday season, providing Polaris shoppers with gift-giving inspiration and holiday cheer. 

Here at CivitasNow we aim to push the envelope and stretch the possibilities of the advertising world. By erecting a real-life Pinterest wall, we are able to merge the Internet with the real-world, creating a fun, interactive way to get into the gift-giving spirit. 


Check out the installation in progress