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Step foot in Columbus, or really anywhere in Ohio, and alumni or a connection to the Ohio State University is not far away  (we are graduates, after all). The Fisher College of Business plays a huge roll in that reputation. We're very proud that they brought us in to help with their new brand launch!

Located on the northern side of the campus, Fisher College of Business stands proud with recently developed buildings and neighboring the prestigious The Blackwell. CivitasNow wanted to meet students on their day to day routine, allowing them to physically interact with the new branding, while not being intrusive. 

Our  first goal to get in front of students in the real world. Utilizing stairs and elevator graphics in highly trafficked buildings, students were delightfully surprised.

You can see in the photos that these graphics were time sensitive. The Fisher College of Business held a Brand Launch at the Blackwell Ballroom. The placements were aimed to drive students to the event. After the event, the final step was switched to reflect the new slogan - Go Beyond.

The next goal was to get in front of students online. A traditional agency may think about purchasing Facebook ads or promoting post on twitter – not here. We created an online scavenger hunt where students could chase down 1ft x 1ft tiles with the college's new branding. This is Always. Always. Always a hit.

Below are a few of our winners, but you can check out the game at here: @TweetandGoSeek

Our winners from TweetandGoseek!

Our winners from TweetandGoseek!


Finally, to make sure the teaser videos produced by the university could live offline somewhere, we enlisted our popular projection advertising. Traditionally, this is operated outdoors on a large wall or canvas. But since our students wouldn't be outdoors during the winter, we took over two large walls in student lounges and walkways. 

Projection in Grad Lounge.

Projection in Grad Lounge.

There is a singular driving force behind what we do here at Fisher. Go Beyond. It is the core of Max Fisher’s compelling legacy — that with our intellect and heart, we go beyond what’s expected, what’s ordinary, what’s comfortable. Our uniquely prepared students make a meaningful and lasting impact in business, in community, and in the world. It makes us Fisher. Go Beyond.
— The Max M. Fisher College of Business

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