A couple of weeks ago, we traveled down to Cincinnati to complete a very special project for The University of Cincinnati Carl H. Linder College of Business. The University originally approached us because they recently leaped thirty-five spots in the rankings of top business schools determined by the U.S. News & World Report and wanted to celebrate and advertise this monumental achievement. Additionally, they wanted to showcase the business school to the local corporate community to continue to strengthen the relationships between the College of Business and the local businesses to help students with job recruitment. We felt the best way to accomplish all of these wishes was to produce some slick coffee sleeves displaying their achievement in an inventive form of media.

The coffee sleeves were strategically distributed to eleven local coffee shops in the downtown business district of the city to best spread the word about the recent triumph. All coffee shops were independent, and many served businessmen and women directly in their workplace. This strategy targeted these local businesses to not only show their recent accomplishment, but also to thank these businesses for playing an active and vital role in helping these business students to succeed and learn.

The whole premise of this project was very symbiotic, helping University of Cincinnati to advertise their recent success, thank the local businesses that have helped them with their achievement, and by providing coffee sleeves to these locally owned and operated coffee shops covered their overhead fees and helped them to continue thriving by taking the pressure of buying coffee sleeves off of their shoulders. It was truly a win-win situation for all involved in the Cincinnati business scene.

The University of Cincinnati Carl H. Linder College of Business really wanted this project to be executed in a fashion to communicate that they are "celebrating with you"  (where "you" is referring to the local business community). This project was a cool way for us to show how we can utilize something simple like a cup of coffee-- a modern staple in the business world-- to show everyone just how far University of Cincinnati has come.

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