As Chief Creative here at CivitasNow I’ve got to stay on my game. Especially when I surround myself with such young and talented people. I’m a pretty curious guy and love to get my hands dirty with new projects. You never know what you might learn. One of my favorite quotes by Einstein is, “I don’t have any special talents, I’m just passionately curious.” This describes me to a tee, minus the fact that everything I learn or absorb I apply to advertising or at least just getting the attention of an audience. 

We were recently tasked by a client with a bespoke program with a specific agenda. We came back from the meeting charged up and ready to tackle the project head on. We sat and looked at some examples of similar concepts and attempted to put a few things together. We sketched, we listened to some crazy music, and came up with a few decent ideas. We broke the session and decided to come back. I spent a few days and the weekend contemplating a few things more compelling than what we came up with. 

One of my favorite Don Draperisms about the creative process is to think really hard about something for a long time. Then, let it go. After that, it’ll come to you. 

I’ve got a sweet old pickup truck that I spend too much time on. While I was under the hood that weekend is when the idea hit me. I about dropped the wrench in the engine block as I scrambled for my phone. I called Jacob to relay my eureka. Needless to say, he was equally excited. He went into the battleground and the client ate it up. 

Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them. 

Need a backboard for your ideas? I’m happy to chat! 

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