Experience Columbus tasked us with promoting their hashtag #lifeincbus on Saturday, May 3rd. They wanted this campaign to get around the city by doing something that would not only draw people’s attention to #lifeincbus, but something worth sharing as well. When it comes to creating engaging and sharable media, we were certainly the ones for the job.

Two-thousand balloons were printed to hand out to visitors, residents and businesses . Small balloons are fun and all, but to really draw the eye, we had five massive 8ft red balloons circling the city as well. 

May 3rd was the perfect day to represent and capture what #lifeincbus is all about. The Capitol City Half Marathon was in the morning, so we headed over to the Columbus Commons to celebrate with all the participants and hand out balloons. Then, we hopped over to the Short North to pass out balloons before cutting through the Convention Center where thousands of teenage volleyball players were competing in the Ohio Valley Region Volleyball Tournament. Finally, we topped off the night with a visit to the infamous Short North for Gallery Hop. 

Overall, it was a wildly successful campaign. When we started in the morning, there were 307 uses of #lifeincbus. Today, there are 1,240 and counting. We can’t take all the credit — most of that goes to the community of great people posting killer photos — but we’d like to think we left an impression.