Everyone loves money. What’s more, everyone loves getting unexpected money. With the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion campaign, we created a larger-than-life scratch-off card where passers-by could win up to $500, lottery tickets, and a ton of free swag.

When our client Warhol & WALL St. came to us with this fun project for the Ohio Lottery, we couldn’t resist. Located en route to the hub for Ohio State Homecoming tailgates, Lane Avenue, we staked our claim in heart of Buckeye country. Passersby were asked to rip off a velcro piece to reveal their reward and the results were both successful and exhilarating. For hours on end, people stopped to stand in line for a chance to win money and other prizes. At the end of the day, Cash Explosion gave out over $3500 in prizes.

In addition to the large scratch-off ticket, the whole site was bustling with a mobile team getting people excited about the prizes, a DJ keeping the party bumpin’, and a blow-up booth with exciting signage drawing people in by the dozens. It was truly a total, experiential event that combined a fun gaming opportunity with a creative way to advertise the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion.

Everyone loves free money, but even more so, people love the chance to escape reality to laugh, win, and feel the true pleasures of life. This is what we live and work for: to create experiences that turn into memories. 

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