When it comes to advertising, "ordinary" is not a world that exists within our vocabulary. In fact, we strive to make our campaigns so out of the ordinary, that it sparks a conversation. And what better venue than a coffee shop for good conversation?

One of our recent clients, Spinnaker Apartments, utilized our coffee sleeve and bar coaster advertising capabilities to compliment their new campaign in Milford, Connecticut. In order to blur the line between advertising and recreation, they wanted to create scratch-off sleeves to playfully reveal their special giveaway of $500 for every lease signed. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to help create such an inventive campaign for them. 

In order to pinpoint their target audience, we built a custom network of bars and coffee shops in Millford, and worked with their team to find the best places to reach their demographic.  This campaign is not only entertaining, but also effective.

With this media choice, their target demographic is surrounded by advertisements, disguised as games and chances to win money. In turn, Spinnaker Apartments are associated with generosity, exuberance, and a deep care for its tenants. With our help, Spinnaker promoted their lush apartments in an absolutely effortless manner.

Through barcoasteradvertising.com and coffeesleeveadvertising.com, we have an ever-growing network of bars and coffee shops in  cities around the country, waiting to promote you. Let us help get your message in your customers hands.