There’s been a buzz flying through Columbus recently. A quiet, but steady hum of victory is reverberating against Nationwide Arena, bouncing over to LeVeque Tower to the AEP building. This is our year, Columbus. This is the year the Blue Jackets soar toward the Stanley Cup, and CivitasNow is here to set these ice warriors up for success.

On Friday, October 9th, the whole city gathered in the Arena District to rally for our Blue Jackets in preparation for their home opener. Columbus rolled out the blue carpet for fans to gather and transformed the Nationwide Arena District into one giant welcoming party. We were there to welcome our hometown heros.

With our new projection capabilities, we constructed a 40-foot projection screen behind the Arch in McFerson Commons and projected a full motion video created specifically for this iconic arch, highlighting the Blue Jackets and hyping up fans for what is sure to be an incredible season. We achieved this feat by using a 20,000 lumen projector, illuminating the arch from behind. Massive window graphics, as well as gobo lights also embellished the area, as fans gathered McFerson Commons to capture this truly experiential event on their phones.

The Blue Jacket season opener united Columbus. We transformed McFerson Commons into an ice hippodrome. The season opener was not in Columbus: Columbus was in the season opener. Fans stood together and were fully immersed in the experience of hype foreshadowing a season of victory. Fans connected to one another, Columbus rallied as a city, and the team received the support they need and deserve. On this day, Columbus transformed into the beehive through which all fans flew through.

We aim to incorporate nontraditional media in unconventional spaces to create a jaw-dropping effect on consumers, fans, and passers-by. This is exactly what we did with the Arch in McFerson Commons. A staple icon in Columbus was transformed into the background material for a rally for champions.

Are you interested in projecting something on the Arch to achieve this same all-encompassing effect? Do you want your message to engulf the members of your community in a fully immersive manner? Drop us a line and you’ll see what all the buzz is about.