Along the tulip-lined streets of Amsterdam stoically stands the iconic “I Amsterdam” sculpture. Next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Big Ben in London, the "I Amsterdam" stands as one of Europe's most memorable sites, as well as an opportune moment for tourists to take goofy photos to fully accomplish the whole Amsterdam experience. Similar to this is the the stacked “LOVE” sculpture in Philadelphia’s JFK Plaza. This outdoor art form serves not only as a fun installation in the city, but also as an icon for the City of Brotherly Love. As it turns out, now Central Ohioans don't have to travel all the way to The Netherlands or Philadelphia to experience the fun, iconic nature of these large-letter installations.

We recently partnered with Ologie and COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority, to compliment their campaign launch by creating an outdoor campaign that mimicked the style and effect these large-scale installations have on the public.


These larger than life letters spelling out the transportation system’s name made their debut at Red, White & Boom right before Fourth of July weekend, and have popped up in various other locations across Central Ohio since then. Each letter itself measures 6' tall, 6'-8' wide, and 2 feet deep. They are made of an lightweight industrial foam, coated in epoxy, and then wrapped in vinyl, allowing us to customize each individual installation. One of the best parts of each of these installations is that the letters fit the surroundings and occasion. For Red, White & Boom, the letters patriotically displayed our nation's flag. Most recently, the installation at the zoo simultaneously camouflaged to its surroundings, yet vibrantly stood out in its cheeky animal prints.

Perhaps the best aspect of this campaign
is its interaction with the public.

Each installation is hand-tailored to the event for which it appears and serves as a fun and brilliant way to advertise for COTA. Perhaps the best aspect of this campaign is its interaction with the public. These letters serve as a jungle gym for children, the perfect backdrop for a family photo, and a fun touristy sight to see. Photos taken in front of these letters will last in family photo albums for years, extending COTA's campaign from just a summer to a lifetime.

Additionally, each installation serves as a great backdrop for each event it supplements, and helps to set the scene and aura of the surroundings. While each installation is unique, all of them radiate youthful happiness and summer fun that will last in the public's memory for years to come. 


If you haven't seen a COTA installation yet this summer, check out the following locations and get your camera ready:

·         Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival (August 14th & 15th)

·         Mayor’s Fam Jam (August 29th)

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