Last week, we were given the opportunity to help make Columbus look its absolute best for the arrival of the Democratic National Convention selection committee. Columbus is one of five cities being considered as the location for the convention in 2016, and what better way to show that Columbus is the perfect location for the DNC than by showcasing its ingenuity with our adventurous forms of advertising?

Columbus 2016 asked if we could provide blue runway carpets, elevator and window graphics, and a special projection on the side of the Miranova building at night, which would be illuminated by fireworks bursting in the background. This beautiful location in Downtown Columbus acted as the perfect canvas for which we were able to adorn with our media. We, of course, were very excited to be able to design and execute this project in one of the city's most beautiful buildings. This is what we came up with. 

As a company, we are passionate about utilizing spaces that traditionally would not be used for advertising. By projecting the Columbus 2016 DNC graphic on the side of Miranova Place at night, we were able to show how advertising can be beautiful and ecologically friendly. The projection left no waste like a traditional billboard would, and it also allowed for a faster turnaround in production, as opposed to traditional print media. Our forms of media are perfect event-based forms of advertising, catering to the specific needs of Columbus 2016.

We feel that the little details such as the blue carpet and crisp graphics, while seemingly minor, add to the overall experience of Columbus as a whole. We helped to show the selection committee that Columbus is a strong, politically-active city proud of its long list of political accomplishments. The selection committee visit was a great success for Columbus, and we were so honored to help!

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