Connecting real world experiences with the virality of the internet to solve our clients’ problems- That’s what we do. We like doing it even more when dunk tanks are involved.

Introducing the world’s first Smart Dunk Tank. Our newest addition to CivitasNow’s line of connect hardware. A completely customizable dunk tank that trades in the traditional ball and lever for social media and lightning fast thumbs. The tank responds, in real time, to posts with a specific hashtag or handle tag on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The Karate Cowboy team came to us hoping to find a way to make their liquor brand stand out at Sandusky Bike Week. We decided, what better way to make a splash than with a life size, social media triggered sake bomb! So the creative geniuses on our team hustled to tackle the impossible and make the Smart Dunk Tank a reality in only two weeks.

At Sandusky Bike Week, after every 10 tweets tagged with #KarateCowboy, the contestant dropped into the tank. If you weren’t able to see it in action at Bike Week, be on the look out and have your phone ready for when the Smart Dunk Tank comes to an event near you. We will be activating it at multiple events this summer and even adding a live streaming option for those who cannot attend to see their friends get dunked in person!

Interested in having the dunk tank at your event? Let's make it happen.

Big thanks to our friends at Baus Code for working with us on the backend development and framework!