Who knew that this Sam Hunt listening, Ohio University graduate could be this talented?

Corey moved to Columbus from Cincinnati to join our cohort midway during the summer. Working closely with him these past few weeks has been a shot in the arm. Enthusiastic, full of hustle and genuinely a great culture fit for our team.

I welcome the sultan of swat, the king of crash....Corey Poches.

Jacob Taylor

1. Where did you attend college and what was your major?

I graduated from Ohio University (twice) with a Bachelors in Marketing and Sports Management; and the second time with a Masters in Sports Administration. I'd go back a third time if I could and just never leave Court Street.

2. Where do you call home?

I grew up in Athens, Ohio. Yes...I loved it so much I stayed there for college, then went back for college again, and continually find excuses to go back when I can.

But, I currently call Columbus home.

3. If you were given a free full-page ad in the newspaper and had to sell yourself in six words or less, how would the ad read?

I am going to have to credit Lebron here after a historic championship this summer... but I also do think this statement holds true: "Nothing is given, everything is earned."

4. If you could be a character in any Netflix/HBO series, which series and character?

I'm not a TV guy at all unless its sports, so I had to dig for this one, but I'd have to say I'd pick Vince from Entourage. Judge all you want, but the guy is having a pretty good time...

5. What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?

I'm not going to be too sentimental here, because the first thing that comes to my mind is pretty basic, but I think it has made me who I am. The piece of advice would be..."Hustle". I truly believe that you don't have to be the smartest, come from a certain background, or whatever other excuse to get something done. Hustle can go a long way in a world that is always finding out ways to take shortcuts.

6. What do you hope to accomplish alongside us?

I am fortunate enough to have been apart of some great organizations in my career, surrounded by leaders that have taught me a lot. The reason I joined the CivitasNow team was that I felt as a team we could change the industry, change the world, learn from our mistakes along the way, create some really cool shit, and have a lot of fun doing it. Ultimately, I know we will refuse to fail and do whatever it takes alongside one another to accomplish our goals.

You can keep up with Corey on Linkedin