We dream of bringing art and whimsy out onto the streets of Columbus and beyond. We recently teamed up with the Ibel Agency for a campaign, running under the mantra “Get Fresh. Give Fresh.”, launched in September for Hunger Action Month. The objective is to mobilize the public to sponsor produce markets, to create what we call the #freshrevolution

The goal is for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and it’s neighbors to co-create a sustainable community by bringing produce markets to life for low-income families. To bring a produce market to life, it takes a $2,500 investment, which can be funded by inviting your friends and family to help you fund one market in its entirety, or personally seed a market with as little as $10 toward the growing cause.

When Mid-Ohio Foodbank approached us to help them promote this campaign, they wanted media that was bold, inventive, and fun. They came to the right team.

We created chalk stencils, pavement graphics, parking lot stripes, carrot pens, custom coffee sleeves, and our pièce de résistance, enormous carrot piggy banks installed at Easton Town Center and The Short North

The Foodbank really wanted to approach this awareness campaign in a different manner than past campaigns. They wanted to make the central Ohio community feel engaged and united to end hunger. With our sculptural pieces scattered throughout the city, Mid-Ohio Foodbank's message is made clear and fresh. 

In all of our projects, we aim to make advertising simultaneously mesh with the environment and stand out in an inventive manner. The carrot banks look like something out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (if Wonka had a vegetable garden, that is). Fresh Revolution provided us an opportunity to show what we can produce and provided Mid-Ohio Foodbank with the opportunity to make our community feel that it is everyone's responsibility to put an end to hunger. 

We encourage you to help out our community and support this campaign by donating here. Every little bit helps in the fight against hunger.