Portland has captured our hearts.  Fueled by the creative economy and inventive thinking - Portland is a city that gives more than it takes.

As the only media and advertising company offering Living Walls as a media type, CivitasNow sees Portland as an ideal landscape for it's next installations. 


Where are the Living Walls
in Portland?


Living walls have become a trend in Portland. People love these things. They’re impossible to ignore, and they make a positive statement about a company’s dedication to the environment.


Have you seen the lovely example at Danner Boots here in Portland?


How about Jama Software’s lush living wall in their new location?

And how about the super cool living wall at Hotel Modera


This elegant living wall at the Portland Expo Center turns heads and offers ecological - and economic - benefits that have people people nodding in approval. 

It's important to remember living walls aren't just pretty to look at. They can be used to deliver a message.



Can Living Wall Advertising
Work In Portland?

Ecological, sustainable advertising, on the other hand, is turning heads in many places. 

Living walls can be placed for one day events or up to multiple months. We've written before on Living, Breathing, Epic Advertising.

So, isn’t it time for a company to break through and do an innovative project that people will talk about for years to come? At CivitasNow, we have the ambition and the experience to make it happen.

Is your organization ready go green with us in a big way? Give us a shout.