At CivitasNow, we continuously strive to prove the value of experiential and out-of-home advertising in an ever-changing landscape. We pride ourselves on being a company based on the delivery of a rapid turnaround, stunning creativity, and results that make the public stop, think, and react.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer not only a more expedited turnaround period for projection advertising, but also a 75% price reduction in our projection advertising services.

Clients can now book our projection advertising services on a nightly or weekly basis, providing the opportunity for more public exposure, as well as a faster turnaround period.

With this change, we are also now able to provide more striking creative advertising tailored specifically to a given location in a city near you. Imagine walking around the Arena District in Columbus and seeing your favorite Blue Jacket burst through a brick wall. Or perhaps you're walking to your favorite bar, when suddenly a sparkling stream of your local IPA is poured into a rounded glass adjacent to the sidewalk. With new capabilities in 3D projection mapping, custom animations, full audio, and astonishing effects, we are raising the bar in creative while simultaneously lowering the cost. We are able to create images and videos that are custom-tailored to your brand. These alternative advertisements make passers-by pause their fast-paced lives to truly experience the message in front of them.

With new capabilities in projection advertising, we are pushing creativity to an all-time high and efficient, accommodating client services even higher.  CivitasNow is facing the future; and this future is projected to be a bright one.