All Star Week in San Jose. The midpoint of the MLS season and the culmination of thousands of hours and game play.

CivitasNow and Major League Soccer teamed up to take over Silicon Valley for the 2016 MLS All Star Week. We created larger than life touch points, parties on Facebook's campus and teamed up with MLS's hottest stars. This was not something to miss.

Ever heard of soccer tennis? No? Well let me give you a background.

Teams of 2 face off on a mini-tennis court with a soccer ball and their feet....instead of racquets. The goal is to keep the ball alive with "touches" - a kick, header or play off the ground. You then must force the ball to the other side of court in hopes to score like you would in tennis.

We created a king of the hill style tournament on Facebook's Campus and Downtown San Jose, but we dialed it up a notch. Music, booze, training....oh, and Landon Donovan.

Watch the video recap here: