Warm summer breezes, music blasting from nearby bars, and friends laughing in the streets: these are but a fraction of the wonderful pleasures summer nights bring.

In big cities across the country, as the sun gives way to the moon, the party begins as the streets transform into a fully immersive nightlife experience. Street cars transform into party lights, strangers into best friends, and advertising into a projected work of art.


This past Pride Weekend in our neck of the woods, we did a special projection highlighting the Cirque du Soleil show, Kooza. Boasting extravagant costumes and insane acrobatics, a full motion wall projection for this show showcased its ornate and elaborate nature. As families and friends enjoyed the beautiful evening in The Short North, they passed by this projection that simultaneously fit in with its artistic surroundings, yet quickly and effortlessly captivated passers-by. 

Imagine these large scale projections lighting up the walls of buildings in your hopping downtown in the evening. Whether it's along the musical streets of Nashville, the cool coffee shop-lined alleys of Portland, or the bustling avenues of Chicago, projection advertisements reach an average of 7,000 unique viewers per unit per night, depending on its given location.


Projection advertising is the perfect media to showcase a static image or a full motion projection complete with audio. Your city provides the backdrop for a perfect projection to promote your event, product, or show.

Just as a good martini isn't complete without a couple olives, city summer nightlife isn't complete without our artistic projection advertisements. Be the delicious garnish for your city and stand out among the rest.

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