The ability to target millennials is not only a core focus of most campaigns today but also a major challenge to many marketing firms and advertising agencies across the globe.  This ever moving demographic is hard for most to pinpoint and proactively engage due to their fluctuation with taste, style and brand loyalty.  At CivitasNow we start by focusing on these three points to steer your campaign in the right direction, as it's the way we'd target ourselves.

Converse With, Not To

The last thing anyone wants is to feel is like they are immersed in a pitch for your brand or product.  No one likes being barked at or told what to do.  However, by a taking conversational approach, you enable your audience to feel apart of something bigger than an advertisement.  A great example of this is the recent string of Chevrolet Motor's commercials, by McCann Erickson. Their inclusive approach allows their audience to relax and share their opinions without direction, queues, or feeling like they’re in an ad.  This yields genuine results even when they are exposed to something dramatic.

Build experiences that are intimate

Make the experience feel like its one to one, regardless of the size of the audience.  Each deployment should be approachable without an intimidation factor.  You don’t want to present an interactive build that appears to be as delicate as a dandelion.  Make your experience open and inviting to playful interactivity.  If you or your team wouldn’t engage with it in public, then odds are your audience won’t either.  A great example of this is Gallery One for the Cleveland Museum of Art, designed by Local Projects.  Regardless of your age or social stature, this interactive installation allows users to have an intimate experience with the museum’s entire catalog of works.

Heighten the moment

Make the experience feel genuine and unique.  Your audience should take pride in being a part of something that their friends aren’t, give them something to boast about on Facebook and Instagram.  Invite them to be a part of an experience before it is gone.  Pepsi is notorious for this exact idea, having once again created this Swizz Beatz' DJ set at their Kola House Pop-Up during pregame for Super Bowl 50.  Being a part of a unique moment is worth its weight in gold, even on a small scale.

Data shows that the millennial consumer base cares less about the things they own and are more in tune with what they are putting out to the environment, including their social media posts.  It’s more important than ever for brands to stake their hold in the market and utilizing these three ideas in your marketing tactics is a strong start.  CivitasNow helps build on this foundation and turn your ideas in to experiences that won’t be forgotten. 

Bryan Waddell, Partner + Creative Director at CivitasNow