I love our clients. They're adventurous, enlightening people and make my job very enjoyable. Our employees are challenged and the bar is set high. WIth that being said, we're constantly finding our place in the relationship between agency, client, vendor, buyer. A recent piece written by Adam Kleinberg on Adage peaked my interest. 

"While I can't justify the cost of using an agency for every piece of e-commerce creative, what I really want is true partnership. I want the agency SEM expert and my SEM person to be locked at the hip. I want them to be best friends. I want my agency to be an extension of my team."

This quote is music to my ears. It boils down to one simple thing: trust.  The client has to trust the agency with its specialty, and the agency had to trust the client to tell their messages in a thoughtful, appropriate and cost-effective way. Allowing the relationship to have organic tendencies alongside the required discipline.

What are your thoughts? Do you really know your agency's place?

You can read the full article here.


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