Freaky Friday

Columbus, Ohio


To host a party in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) to engage their target audience and promote the brand in the Ohio market.  


Pabst Blue Ribbon wanted to specifically engage the arts community in Columbus. We aligned this event with the Columbus School of Art & Design’s annual fashion show to give students an unofficial after party to celebrate the end of their school year. On Friday, May 13th we opened the doors to CivitasNow HQ and things got freaky. 

Since the party was on Friday the 13th we decided to play on the superstition and dubbed the night Freaky Friday. The goal was to fill our space with weird and wonderful elements inspired by outer space, artists, and of course PBR. Elements included- Twenty different ambient projections played continuously throughout the night. A 30-foot, PBR-themed mural created during the event by Columbus artist Karl Fekete. RPHicks, in an astronaut suit, created a sound experience that set the pace for the night and bridged the gap between interactive, art elements. 

Plenty of PBR tall boys were in hand and a non-traditional PBR VIP lounge in the back of a box truck was on site to create this ultimate PBR experience. Over 100 students, friends and strangers drank more than 400 PBR’s and created countless freaky, photo-worthy moments!