Chalk Stencils

An inexpensive street level message strategically placed in dense foot traffic areas, chalk art drawings and sidewalk stencils are environmentally safe and eye-catching methods for quick branding. Best utilized by targeting large events (festivals, sporting events, conventions, etc.), each unit is placed in an optimal location to gain the largest possible amount of impressions. This form of media is typically done guerrilla-style or with certain permissions depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


Powerwash Stencils

Often referred to as “reverse graffiti,” Aqua advertising and powerwashed stencil campaigns are subtle, eye-catching and uniquely powerful tools. This form of clean media is best utilized to create street level branding in concert with a special event or attraction. Because of its highly specialized nature, it attracts focused attention and holds a capacity to go viral. We tailor our planing to your programs, positioning street level media for maximum exposure.