The Lung Challenge

Throughout Kentucky



 Educate Kentucky residents on how Quit Now Kentucky can help them quit smoking.


When you think of non-smoking campaigns, pictures of tar-ridden lungs and other overused scare tactics flash in your mind. Our goal was to flip that traditional approach on its head and talk to the residents of Kentucky about quitting smoking in a far more fun way.

Enter the Lung Challenge. A two-player, interactive, carnival-style game where participants competed head-to-head in a simulated smoker v. non-smoker challenge. One station was rigged to reflect the lungs of a smoker the other the lungs of a non-smoker and each participant had three shots at hitting a high score. This game toured the state of Kentucky all summer long stopping at five county fairs and two state fairs in order to share how Quit Now Kentucky can help those trying to stop smoking.

The response was overwhelming. We met people of all ages and backgrounds and learned some incredible stories surrounding the effect that smoking has had on their lives.  Children were amazed. One young man even went as far to say “this is the most fun thing i’ve ever seen at the fair” (take that, ferris wheel!) Adults were more shocked and truly compelled to take action. Either by spreading the message to loved ones and even patients who smoke or kicking the habit themselves. By creating these genuine connections with people we were able to show that others cared about their health and were willing to help them live smoke-free.     

7 counties. 35 days. 5,023 people reached in order to help create a smoke-free Kentucky.