Mother's Day Cancer Awareness Program

Lexington & Louisville, KY


We were presented with the opportunity to engage families in order to promote routine cancer screenings for women. We used the Awesomatic Photo Booth to create a family centered images that could be shared with mom on her special day. 


Since the goal was to promote women’s health, Mother's day was the natural fit to activate this campaign. The Awesomatic Photo Booth was deployed the weekend before and the weekend of Mother’s Day at two Kentucky area malls. The prints included interactive elements that allowed mall patrons to snap a photo and create a personalized keepsake for their loved ones on Mother's Day. By engaging shoppers, we were able to target families of women in the ‘at-risk’ age group for cancer and encourage them to get screened. 

With the daily stresses of being a wife, mom, or simply being single and working, there is a lot on a woman’s plate. Without a deliberate reminder, many women forget entirely about something potentially deadly. Throughout the activation, women felt incredibly touched that someone thought about and care enough for them to remind them to get screened. 

According to Lauren Eckles, Field Marketing Manager at CivitasNow. “it was especially touching to see multiple generations of women come together and start a conversation centered around women’s health”. 

Over 2,500 people in 1,041 pictures. 

1,874 smiles captured for Kentucky mothers. 

And 1 message sent loud and clear.